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Are you sinking in debt and struggling to pay it off? Then you need this book. The Personal Finance Revolution will teach you how to pay-off your debt in no time and build personal wealth. The book is authored by Zibu Masotobe, a brilliant and dynamic young businesswoman based in KZN. Brought to you by Darkiebooks

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About The Personal Finance Revolution Book:

The Personal Finance Revolution Book: A Fundamental Approach to get out of debt and build personal wealth is a book authored by Zibu Masotobe

What The Book Is About

  • It is an introduction to a new way of managing personal wealth;
  • It focusses the collective energy into building the new processes and partnerships that allow wealth to flow through the system to become abundant to all;
  • It describes how the first step to changing your life is to change your mind in some way. The book is here to inspire you to be open to new thoughts about money and spending, to spark new interpretations and perceptions about life. The life around you will change only when you allow what’s going on inside of you to change

The Approach/Spirit of The Book

The intention is to inspire the reader towards change, by focussing all of their energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

It is a revolution of building new systems, new perceptions and new interpretations of our reality, ones that empower and enrich our lives.

From the pursuit of things, to the pursuit of happiness.

Understanding that wealth is abundant, unlimited and accessible to all, and it starts with your intentions, your thoughts and how you treat money. Thus, being mindful of your money versus being oblivious to it.

Foundational Concepts/Principles Of The Book

  • Gratitude turns what we have into “enough”;
  • Embedding “ukusisa”, the Zulu practice of lending a cow to a neighbour and when a calf is born, they return the cow and keep the calf in the spirit of recognising the need for community support and upliftment;
  • Understanding the Egyptian ilima/gameya practice “We can all go further together than we could all alone”. The ancient Egyptians believed in providing communal interest-free loans to help families deal with major purchases. In a similar way, Zulu culture believes in crop planting where the community dedicates days where they all go to sow each other’s fields on a rotational basis. These are the principles introduced in the Money Revolution Circles which serve as a guide and support for getting out of debt.

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The personal finance revolution by Zibu Masotobe

The Personal Finance Revolution Book